botox injection, peri-orbital…



thThe most important and sensitive part of face wrinkle treatment with botox is for claw feet in lateral part and the fine wrinkles in lower part of the eyes and upper part of the cheeks.

because of the complications and problems with lids movements and eye vision many doctors refuse to do this for the patients or inject only 2 or 3 ponts in lateral part for claw feet witch is not enough and efficient as well.

Honstly injecting and treatment of fine and deeper wrinkles around the eyes and lower lid is possible and needs a lot of care and experience.

all the fine wrinkles below the lower lid and deeper ones located between upper cheek and lower lid and also lateral claw feet can be erased with necessary dose of botox in desired depth and in number of predefined points.

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Dr. Pirouz Zamanpour

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